Aircraft List

Please note that the aircraft listed here are those on public display, aircraft which are currently in deep storage or under restoration can be viewed on one of our regular workshop tour days as advertised in our events list.

Main Hangar

Auster V RT520 (F)

Austin Whippet (Rep)

Avro Anson C.19 VP519 (C)

Avro Lancaster X KB976 (F)

Bell 47 Sioux AH.1 XT242 (YHPG)

Blackburn B.2 G-ADFO/G-ACBH (F)

Bleriot IX (Rep)

Cessna F.150G G-AVAA

de Havilland Vampire T.11 XE935

de Havilland Canada Chipmunk T.10 WB733

Douglas DC-3 N4565L

Gloster Meteor T.7 WA662 (C)

Gloster Meteor F.8 WL131 (C)

Hawker Tempest V SN280 (C)

Hawker Hunter T.7 N-302 (C)

Hawker Hunter FGA.9 XG297 (C)

Hawker Hunter GA.11 WT741 (C)

Hawker-Siddley HS.748 G-OPFW (C)

Hiway Skytrike G-MJKP

Hunting Jet Provost T.4 XS216 (C)

Mainair Triflyer G-MMDK

North American Harvard FX322 (C)

Panavia Tornado F.2 ZD938 (C)

Robinson R-22 G-DELB

Robinson R-22 EI-JWM (C)

SARO Skeeter AOP.12 XM561

Slingsby Cadet TX.3 XN238 (C)

Slingsby Prefect TX.1 WE987

Slingsby Sedbergh TX.1 WB969

Sud Gazelle AH.1 XX411

Vickers Varsity T.1 WJ903 (C)

WACO CG-4 Hadrian (Rep, C)

Westland Whirlwind HAR.1 XA862 (C)

Westland Whirlwind HAR.1 XA870 (YHPG)

Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 XJ398 (YHPG)

Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 XP345 (YHPG)

Westland Wessex HU.5 XS481

Westland Scout AH.1 XP190

Westland Scout AH.1 XP902 (C)

Whittaker MW5-K G-MVNT

Whittaker MW8 G-MYJX


Building 19

Grumman AA-1-B G-BCLW

Handley Page Jetstream 200 G-ATXH (C)

Hawker Siddley HS125 G-BOCB (C)

Hunting Jet Provost T.3 XM411 (C)

Hunting Jet Provost T.3 XN511 (C)

Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1 XX669 (F)

Vickers Valletta WJ476 (C)



Aermacchi MB339A (F)

Airship Developments AD500 Skyship G-BECE (S)

Avro Vulcan B.2 XL388 (C)

Beagle Pup 160 HB-NAV (C)

Blackburn Beverley XL149 (C)

Blackburn Buccaneer XN979 (C)

English Electric Canberra B.2 WD395 (C)

English Electric Canberra T.4 XH584 (C)

English Electric Canberra T.17 WJ565 (C)

English Electric Canberra T.19 WJ975 (C)

English Electric Lightning F.3 XP706 (S)

English Electric Lightning F.6 XR754 (C,S)

Handley Page Jetstream T.1 XX477

Hawker Hunter F.51 E-424 (UR)

Hawker Siddley Harrier GR.3 XV752

Hawker Siddley Nimrod R.1 XW666 (C)

Hunting Jet Provost T.3a XM350

Percival Sea Prince T.1 WF122 (UR)

Piper PA-23 Apache G-APMY

Piper PA-28 Cherokee G-RAYE (C,S)

Westland Scout AH.1 XV139 (S)

Westland Seaking HAS.6 XV677

Westland Wessex HAS.1 XS887 (UR, YHPG)

Westland Whirlwind HAS.9 XN386 (UR)

Next project/In workshop

Westland Dragonfly HR.5 WN499 (UR, YHPG)


C indicates an aircraft cockpit section

F represents fuselage sections

Rep is a reproduction rather than an original aircraft

YHPG applies to aircraft from the Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation Group collection

S signifies that this aircraft is viewable to the public but is stored pending restoration

UR denotes an aircraft currently undergoing restoration or conservation work

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