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About Us

The South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum moved to the current Aeroventure site in 1999 from its long term home at Firbeck when the last remaining buildings from the former RAF Doncaster were vacated by Yorkshire Water.

The site opened as a civil airport in the 1930's with the museum's buildings constructed in 1938 by the RAF with the Second World War imminent. While the airfield continued to be used by the RAF and later civilian operators following the war, the Aeroventure site was fenced off from the airport site to be used as a water board depot. While the rest of the airfield site was re-developed into what is now 'Lakeside', the water board continued to use the site as their depot until the late 1990's.

When Yorkshire Water left the site it was too good an opportunity to miss and the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum moved in. The site had been badly vandalised in the intervening time and renovating the site presented a major task which is still ongoing in some areas of the site more than 10 years on, however after much hard work the museum opened to the public under the new banner of 'Aeroventure' in 1999.

Since then the museum has gone from strength to strength with more visitors, more exhibits and more display space with each year that passes.

The Museum is a registered charity and also a member of the British Aviation Preservation Council. In 2010 the Museum achieved MLA (now Arts Council) Accreditation demonstrating that the museum had reached a national standard of governance on a par with that expected of the major national museums.

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