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11 week in 1982
Early Aviation
The Sheffield Blitz

Exhibits and Displays 

There's more than just aircraft to see!

Every good aircraft museum has a wide range of aeroplanes, and we're no different! But what about the stories that are not often told?


Our displays feature tales from everyday people in the Falklands War, the work of Spies and Secret Agents in occupied Europe during the Second World War, the pioneering days of flight and the story of the first air show in the UK - and that's just the start.


Discover more about our featured displays here.

11 Weeks in 1982

A Day by Day account of the War.

Stories from the islanders of their experiences.

Aircraft flown on both sides of the conflict.

A Permanent Memorial to the 255 British Service Personnel and 3 Falkland Islanders who lost their lives.

Over 40 years on from the Falklands War, Discover what happened during those fateful 11 weeks in the Spring of 1982.

British Soldiers during the Falklands War
Part of the Early Aviation display at the SYAM

1909. Just six years on from the Wright Brothers first powered flight, and Aviation has gripped the world. Join us at Doncaster Racecourse for a day at the races, but it's not horses this time!

Prizes and trophies to be won for Greatest overall distance flown, Fastest Speed, Fastest lap, longest flight and more... Doncaster 1909 - the "First Aviation Meeting In England".

Early Aviation

The Sheffield Blitz

December 1940, Sheffield is bombed by the Luftwaffe. 

Our display shows the devastation caused by the bombings, How the people of Sheffield took shelter, and how life went on afterwards. 

Part of the Sheffield Blitz display at the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum.
Part of the Radio and Radar display at the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum - a Lancaster bomber Navigators station.

Radio and Radar

Eyes, Skies and Spies...

Eyes - The development of Radar and its use

Skies - Radar Guided Gun Turrets and the RAF's Night Fighters

Spies - Female Operatives of the SOE who worked behind enemy lines under the constant threat of the Gestapo

The Operations Room

Its 1940. You're sat in an RAF Fighter Control Operations Room. The Luftwaffe are Coming.


In our recreation of an Operations Room, see the how the aerial defence of Britain was organised.

the WWII Operations Room at the syam
radio and radar
The Operations Room
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