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Canberra cockpits on display at the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum
Canberra 75th anniversary event logo

13th May 2024 will mark the 75th anniversary of the inaugural flight of Britains first jet bomber, the Canberra. 

Join us at the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum as we celebrate this milestone of aviation history with an exciting weekend event featuring Canberra Cockpit sections, Crew Reunions, Exhibitions and displays about the Canberra, Presentations, Book Signings and more to be confirmed!

Have a Canberra related display, or just want more information about the event? Please email:

11th - 12th May 2024

Canberra 75th Anniversary Celebration

Resident Cockpits

Already on display at the museum, and viewable at the Canberra 75th event will be the museum's collection of Canberra Cockpit section - The largest collection in the world.

B.2 WD935

T.4 XH584

B(I).6 WT319

PR.7 WH779

PR.7 WT536

T.17 WJ565

T.19 WJ975

T.22 WT525

Canberra cockpit displayed at the SYAM

Visiting Cockpits

Adding to our already sizeable collection of Canberra Cockpits on display, these cockpit sections listed below will be travelling to the museum to be on display at the event - more still to be confirmed!

T.4 WJ880 - Dumfries Aviation Museum

TT.18 WH887 - Andrew Shemans

'The Canberra Experience'

Steven Beeny, Author of "The Canberra Experience" will be joining us for the weekend for Book Signings and merchandise sales including Poster prints, Stickers, Model Cockpits and more.

clay models of Canberra cockpits
Book cover "The Canberra Experience" by Steven Beeny
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