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Jetstream XX495 Illuminated

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Since arriving at the museum in February 2018, work has steadily continued restoring our Jetstream T.1 XX495.

In order to move the aircraft from Bedford college, the electrical looms along the leading edge were cut within in the engine bay to facilitate the removal of the wings for transportation. Before the individual cables were cut, they were all identified to aid reconnection as work progressed.

The latest progress has seen the external lighting on the starboard wing, along with the two anti-collision lights and the nose wheel taxi light return to life. Previous work has seen the internal lighting tested and proven functional, including the lighting on the pilots main instrument panel.

Work continues to restore the external lighting to the port wing, and will then focus on the undercarriage indicator to return the "Three Greens" when the aircraft is powered.

XX495's main instrument panel illuminated during recent testing of the external lighting.

XX495 showing off the dual colour Anti-Collision beacons illuminated in Red, along with the starboard Navigation and Landing light and the Nose wheel taxi light.

Anti-Collision lights illuminated in white alongside Dominie XS735. These two aircraft were based together at RAF Finningley with 6 FTS.



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